Access Statement

We offer three rooms, one in the main house with a private bathroom with shower. Access is up a short flight of stairs, 19 cm deep. There are handrails on both sides with an 8cm step onto a wide landing outside the room. There is a 5cm step on the landing and a 5cm step into the bathroom with a 12cm step down into the bedroom.

Our en suite room Chaffinch is on the ground floor. It is an annexe with adjacent parking. It has a walk-in shower with strategically placed handles for security, suitable for semi ambulant guests.

Our cottage room Red Kite is accessed by a sloping ramp and three shallow steps, max 15cms deep. There is also access without steps via the terrace through a small gate from the road. It is all on one level. The bathroom has a bath with shower over. Parking is available immediately next to the cottage.

There is an 8cm step into the front door but the ground floor of the house and access to the dining room is all one level. The seating area on the terrace is all one level but there are two 17cm steps into the summer house.

Access to North Hill farm is via a moderately steep private road. The property has ample off-road parking. 

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